School Objectives


  1. Utilize the best teaching/learning practices to impart the curriculum to ensure that students learn and achieve success holistically.
  2. Attain the ability to read the Holy Quran and acquire the basic Fiqh (knowledge in Islamic Jurisprudence) and Adaab (manners and etiquette) to become contributing Muslims in the community.
  3. Design strategies to ensure that struggling students receive additional time and support for learning.
  4. Create structures to promote a collaborative culture by developing consensus on routines and operational procedures that will allow both pupils and staff to realise their maximum potential.
  5. Engage in professional, reflective dialogue on questions related to learning, such as list of essential outcomes, different kinds of assessment, analyses of students\rquote achievement and strategies for improving results.
  6.  Clarify expectations regarding roles, responsibilities and relationships among all staff/team members.
  7.  Co-operate to meet the needs of students and to analyse and make public; objectives, strategies, materials, pacing, questions, concerns and results.
  8.  Participate in an ongoing process of identifying and confronting data on the current level of student achievement, establishing a goal to improve the current level, working together to achieve that goal and providing periodic evidence of progress.
  9.  Examine and replicate successful practices to eliminate barriers to success.
  10.  Assess and reflect on progress of operational procedures to make improvements.
  11.  Develop common formative assessments throughout the school year to identify how students performed on each skill compared with other students.
  12.  Develop consistent instructional calendars and administer the same assessment to all students at the same class level. (Weekly/monthly)
  13.  Focus on students’  learning , work collaboratively on matters related to learning and hold itself (school staff) accountable of the kind of results that fuel continual improvement.